P.I. Chronicles - Skull Island Walkthrough Play This Game

P.I. Chronicles: Skull Island Walkthrough by GamesFree.com:

1. Go north.
2. Take can of paint.
3. Go north.
4. Talk to guard.
5. - What are you doing here?
6. - I really would like to enter your camp.
7. Go east.
8. Take piece of metal.
9. Take first aid kit.
10. Take broken spear (click spear 5x).
11. Go east.
12. Take slingshot.
13. Go east.
14. Take Beries.
15. Go west.
16. Go north 2x.
17. Use piece of metal with hatch.
18. Climb down.
19. Take waterproof marker.
20. Use light switch -> take popcorn.
21. Enter kitchen.
22. Take fridge magnet.
23. Take whisk.
24. Take cereal.
25. Open fridge.
26. Take milk.
27. Take baking butter.
28. Open freezer.
29. Take half-eaten ice cream.
30. Take ice cubes.
31. Open cupboard.
32. Take glass.
33. Take plate.
34. Take bowl.
35. Go back.
36. Climb up.
37. Use rock-hard popcorn with slingshot.
38. Use slingshot with popcorn with mango.
39. Take mango.
40. Go south 2x.
41. Go west 2x.
42. Use broken spear with tree sap.
43. Use fridge magnet with sticky spear.
44. Go east 4x.
45. Use magnet on a stick with hole.
46. Go east.
47. Go north.
48. Use pocket knife on snake.
49. Talk to Joobla.
50. - Actually I do, can you help me get into your camp?
51. Go south.
52. Go west 4x.
53. Take mushrooms.
54. Go west.
55. Talk to cannibal.
56. Use berries with slingshot.
57. Use slingshot with berry with glasses.
58. Use berries with slingshot.
59. Use slingshot with berry with glasses.
60. Use can of paint with bucket.
61. Use magnet on a stick with fishing net.
62. Go east 2x.
63. Use bucket with pond.
64. Use fishing net with pond.
65. Go east.
66. Use cannibal club card with guard.
67. Go north.
68. Take small bowl.
69. Use cereal with small bowl.
70. Use milk with bowl with cereal.
71. Use bucket of water with fire.
72. - Do you have any ideas that might help?
73. Go north.
74. Talk to chieftain.
75. - Yeah, about the professor...
76. - What if I bring you something else to eat?
77. - Alright, guess I don't have much choice anyway.
78. Go south 2x.
79. Go west 3x.
80. Use fishing net on magnet on a stick
81. Use bucket on can of paint.
82. Go east 3x.
83. Go north.
84. Go west.
85. Use waterproof marker on cannibal.
86. Use can of paint on cannibal.
87. Go east.
88. Go south.
89. Go east 3x.
90. Use jump rope on tree.
91. Climb down.
92. take giant egg.
93. Climb up.
94. Go west 4x.
95. Click strange bush.
96. - What are you hunting for?
97. - Pick any response.
98. - Could I have those bananas.
99. Use sunglasses with Pago.
100. Go east 3x.
101. Go north 2x.
102. Climb down.
103. Enter kitchen.
104. Use giant egg with bowl.
105. Use milk with bowl with egg.
106. Use pocket knife with mushrooms.
107. Use chopped mushrooms with bowl with egg and milk.
108. Use whisk with bowl with egg, milk and mushrooms.
109. Use baking butter with frying pan.
110. Click stove controls.
111. Use omelet mix with frying pan.
112. Use plate with frying pan.
113. Click plug.
114. Use milk with blender.
115. Use ice cubes with blender.
116. Use berries with blender.
117. Use bananas with blender.
118. Use pocket knife with mangor.
119. Use bits of mango with blender.
120. Click power button.
121. Use glass with blender.
122. Go Back.
123. Climb up.
124. Go south 2x.
125. Go west 2x.
126. Go north 2x.
127. Use breakfast cereal with chieftain.
128. Use omelet with chieftain.
129. Use half-eaten ice cream with chieftain.
130. Use fruit smoothie with chieftain.
131. *hint* You might want to save here... *hint*
132. Talk to chieftain.
133. - Yes, everything you asked for is here.

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