The Sleeping Beauty 2500 Walkthrough Play This Game

The Sleeping Beauty 2500 Text Walkthrough by Nabossa:

1. Click on the inventory button, pick up a Rifle.

2. Shot the enemy soldier.

3. Enter to the room with the bare light bulb on the ceiling.

4. To kill the Flying robot you need use your Rifle again - shoot the stone that’s on the top left corner of the door.

5. Go through the door.

6. To kill the Snowman robot you need go back to the room with the bare light bulb on the ceiling, then turn left.

7. You will see the oil drum - shoot it.

8. Go back to the snowman´s room. You will see that he has been distracted by the explosion – use this opportunity to shoot him!

9. Pick up the Broom.

10. Go back to the room where the oil drum was visible.

11. Use the Broom on the floor and sweep the snow.

12. You will see a metal plaque.

13. On the bottom right corner of the shape you will see the serial number (3482). Record it.

12. Next, go to the snowman´s room again and turn back.

13. You will see the empty room with window on the front wall.

14. Use your rifle to destroy the mirror on the right hand side of the room, revealing a staircase.

15. Go downstairs.

16. You will see the red door with code lock.

17. To open the lock use the serial number you recorded.

18. Enter to the Green Room.

19. Pick up the letter from the skeleton’s hand.

20. On the right hand wall you will see a red electric switch. Try to use it. There is no power.

21. On the front wall you will see the power box. Click on it two times.

22. You will see the spoiled battery blocks mixed with the good battery blocks, and 5 crosspieces to connect them.

23. Put the crosspieces in this order (start from top line):

line 2: 2-3, 3-4

line 3: 1-2

line 5: 1-2, 4-5

24. Use the switch again. The Red Box will go up.

25. Go back to the room where the oil drum was visible.

26. You will see the Red Box there. It is closed. To open the digital lock you will need the letter.

27. Open the letter and read it.

It has the date: 27.01.2500.

It has the Girl`s age: 250.

It has time passed since the Birthday: 1 week.

28. The code is the Girl´s Birthday date. (27 - 1 week).01.(2500 - 250) = 20.01.2250 = 20012250

29. Enter the code. The Red Box will open.

30. Ok. Now you have the Blue Capsule. To open it you need the Remote.

31. Go back to the Green Room. You will see the skeleton on the floor and Remote near to his head.

32. Pick up the Remote.

33. Go back and use the Remote on the Blue Capsule lid 3 times until it opens.

34. Congratulations. YOU HAVE FOUND THE GIRL!

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